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Sydney Diaries - New Years Eve Fireworks 2016

Sydney is famous for its New Year’s Eve celebration. This can be easily gauged from the fact that tourists from all over Australia and the world come there to witness the impressive fireworks every year. I also had seen the fireworks and celebrations many times on TV or social media. This time I would get to see it live. It was going to be the highlight of our visit to Sydney.
The Sydney harbour is a deep natural harbour whose shores are connected by the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. The New Year’s Eve fireworks take place on the Bridge and the harbour area nearby Sydney Opera House. Being a large harbour, there are numerous vantage points from where the fireworks can be easily seen. Some of these vantage points offer combined views to both the Bridge and the Opera house.
Then there are the categories of vantage points where entry is free and where it is paid. The free ones are usually taken up by people very early on the day who set up their base well in advance so enjoy an uninterru…