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Pacific Coast Highway - East Cape Lighthouse

The East Cape is a sparsely populated part of New Zealand’s north island. Also it is the eastern most point of New Zealand and is uniquely beautiful. The fact that this region sees the first sunrise in the world makes it even more intriguing. Because of this very fact, tourists from all over the world come and visit this place. The highlight of this place is a big lighthouse on the eastern most part of the mainland north island which is a showcase of rich maritime history of the country. It was a part of our plan to see the first sunrise from the lighthouse. However we realised that it was a tough ask after a tiring drive the previous day. So we decided to wake up at ease and not getting hurried to see the sunrise. Still I was very enthusiastic to view the sunrise so I woke up early and went outside the Hicks Bay motel to get a glimpse of ‘the first sunrise’ of the world. Although the weather being cloudy, the sun did show up while rising and then got dimmed by the clouds.
We checked ou…