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Sydney Diaries - Waverley to Bondi Walk

Visiting a new city is always an exciting prospect. More so when one has been thinking to do it for a long time. While trying to collate information about to do things in Sydney, I got reminded of a picturesque cemetery which I had seen on a TV show. The only thing I remembered was that it overlooked the ocean. So keeping this pointer in mind, the search for this cemetery began.

I looked up google maps and found out that there are a few such places facing the Tasman Sea. I started looking at the pictures of those cemeteries and easily figured out that the place’s name was Waverley Cemetery. A little more digging up revealed that there was a cool walkway from the cemetery to Bondi beach. Cheerful, as if I had found a treasure, I figured out the plan for the day.
Waverley Cemetery overlooking the Tasman Sea.
We would go to Waverley Cemetery and then walk to Bondi beach. I came to know there were other beaches on the walkway which were less crowded as compared to Bondi beach. It would be the bonus outing for the day. It seemed a good plan which would take us to the major attractions of the city. Moreover the partially cloudy weather also supported us.

We had breakfast and started from home. We reached Bondi junction after an hour of travelling on the bus from Blacktown. From there we got the bus to Waverley Cemetery which took about 15 minutes to drop us near the cemetery. We walked a bit and entered the cemetery to witness a grand view of a vast blue ocean and lots of old tombstones.
An ornate family vault.
We walked there for almost half an hour and realised that we were not alone. There were a lot of people walking and working out on the downhill roads in the cemetery. Some of the tombstones were so beautiful that they reminded me of famous artist’s works. A lot of them were very ornate and well maintained in spite of being more than a 100 years old.
The walkway from Waverley to Bondi.
Naturally eroded stones on the walkway.
Another thing I noted was some family vaults. Small rooms were made on the sides of the cemetery and were locked. They had lots of names engraved on their outside walls denoting that they were from a single family and all of the family members had been buried here. It did remind of stories about Egyptian pharaohs and the custom of burying valuables with the bodies.
One of the many beautiful artifacts on the walkway.
We walked out of the cemetery and started walking towards Bondi beach. A beautiful walking track has been made on the rocky sea shore. I witnessed the popularity of the walkway when we started finding a lot of people walking there in both the directions. Quite a few art structures have also been commissioned on the walkway which makes the journey even more interesting.
Bronte Beach.
We reached Bronte beach after some time and saw that people had thronged the small beach in large numbers since it was a holiday. It was getting hotter as the day was progressing. We clicked some pictures on the way and admired the beautiful houses made up on the cliffs overlooking the beach.
Bondi Beach seen in the distance.
The next stop was Tamarama beach and again it was a beautiful little beach with golden sand. We walked past it and noticed that there were a lot of work out stations e.g. pull up bars, steps, push up bars etc. installed all over the walkway for people to run through and have a good work out. We kept walking and crossed Marks Park which offered expansive views to the vast sea.
The historic archaeological site near Cahill Walk.
We reached the Bondi Icebergs club, a busy club with a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the Bondi beach. After enjoying the views we walked past it and reached Bondi beach. The beach is a beautiful medium sized beach with golden sands. I went knee deep into the water and didn’t go ahead to take a dip.
Cahill Walk - entry point to the Harbour Bridge.
Having experienced a walk on the Bondi beach, I recalled how many times I had heard of this place in the media, books and from friends. Frankly I thought it was overrated as it was just a regular sandy beach and there are many more beautiful beaches in New Zealand as compared to it. Nevertheless we enjoyed our stay there and decided to catch the bus back to the city.
Bondi Icebergs Club.
A monument at Bondi Beach.
Meanwhile I got a call from a friend who lived on the north shore of Sydney and invited us to his place. I was again excited to learn that we would get to walk the harbour bridge to North shore. On reaching the city we took some rest in the Wynyard Park and recharged ourselves for a walk across the Sydney Harbour.
Opera House seen from Harbour Bridge.
While taking the Cahill Walkway, we just saw an archaeological site and thought we should have a look. It turned out to be a famous site called The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre. Learning about the history of the site was a nice experience. We climbed on to the pedestrian walk from Cumberland Street and instantly could see the majestic harbour.

As we moved on to the middle of the harbour bridge, we saw the Opera House and other major landmarks. It took no time to figure out that the bridge was very high and this was going to be a great experience. We clicked pictures and after a lazy stroll, reached Milsons Point station. From there we got the train ahead and reached my friend’s house.
Milson's Point and Harbour Bridge seen in distance.
We had a great time together since we were meeting after almost 3 years. After having a great dinner and learning a lot more about the city and its living, we decided to leave. It took us almost an hour again to reach Blacktown and we quickly went to bed.

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