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Sydney Diaries - Waverley to Bondi Walk

Visiting a new city is always an exciting prospect. More so when one has been thinking to do it for a long time. While trying to collate information about to do things in Sydney, I got reminded of a picturesque cemetery which I had seen on a TV show. The only thing I remembered was that it overlooked the ocean. So keeping this pointer in mind, the search for this cemetery began.
I looked up google maps and found out that there are a few such places facing the Tasman Sea. I started looking at the pictures of those cemeteries and easily figured out that the place’s name was Waverley Cemetery. A little more digging up revealed that there was a cool walkway from the cemetery to Bondi beach. Cheerful, as if I had found a treasure, I figured out the plan for the day. We would go to Waverley Cemetery and then walk to Bondi beach. I came to know there were other beaches on the walkway which were less crowded as compared to Bondi beach. It would be the bonus outing for the day. It seemed a go…