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Sydney Diaries - Part 1

A long time back at school, in a general knowledge lecture, I learned that Sydney was the largest city in Australia. After some time I saw a picture of the Sydney Opera House in some newspaper and read that it was in Sydney too. A knack of memorizing trivia ensured that I saved that fact in my long term memory. To add to it, whenever we used to watch the news on new year's day, Sydney's new years eve fireworks always came to the picture.
In the year 2001, a Bollywood movie named "Dil Chahta Hai" hit the theaters. It was a breakthrough movie in Indian cinema in many respects. I enjoyed the movie and noticed that a major part of the movie was shot in Sydney. As the years passed on, I don't exactly remember how it had become a dream for me to visit Sydney someday.
When I came to New Zealand for the first time, I had a Qantas flight from Delhi to Wellington, via Singapore and Sydney. When we flew to Wellington from Sydney I could just catch a glimpse of the iconic Sydn…