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Post # 41

This is the first title which I could think of right now, when I am back to writing after exactly 2 years. My friends and well wishers and now my wife, all have been asking me to carry on with this amazing hobby of blogging.
The only plea which I had was how busy I was and hence I couldn't carry on with this hobby. But again, aren't we all busy? We still have to pursue what interests us.
So here I am, back with a new post.
In the past 2 years, things have changed drastically. I have lost count of how many awesome things have happened with me e.g. getting married, driving my own car. Though not to forget some not so good things e.g. losing both grand parents.
Life moves on.
We are very hopeful creatures.
If required, we cling on to the leanest thread of hope and then pursue whatever we want to.
I am so lucky to have my family and friends who care for me at each step in life.
So lets start.

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