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India in Wellington

This is the best title I can think of while writing this post here. Since I had learned that my friends live in Wellington a street named Nalanda Crescent I had been planning a walking trip to their place from the city where I am staying these days. Finally on August 24 the weather permitted a walk and I grabbed the opportunity. I started at around 10 AM and reached there at around 12 PM. The route is not that long but the steep climb at some places makes it a bit difficult. Moreover I was clicking pictures wherever I could get a chance to do so. It did slow me down to some extent.

Since I had arrived in Wellington 3 years ago, this suburb named Khandallah had always rung a bell in my ears. It was only after such a long time that I got a chance to walk down the streets and have a closer look. This area has some of the most beautiful houses in Wellington The beauty is magnified by the astonishing sea views offered by the area. While walking I came across very typical Indian subcontinent …