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Christmas Season in Wellington

The Christmas season is here.
One can easily sense the festivity in the air, people decorating their houses, shoppers galore and what not.
Many look forward to the holiday season travels, meeting families and folks over the relaxing holiday.
Still there are quite a few who are indifferent to the whole festivity and don’t care much about it.
May be because of getting bored of doing it every year or any other reason.

I do enjoy the festivity and the hustle and bustle associated with it.
It reminds me of the festive season in India.
Although I'm not a big crowd lover, once in a while is enjoyable.
That is what happens when Christmas is near.

This weekend we came to know about such a place in wellington.
It is big house which is decorated by the lady owner every year for Christmas.
Over the years it has become so popular that searching for the address - 27 Hathaway Avenue, Lower Hutt on Google turns up a lot of pictures and videos of the place.
It is popularly known as Hutt Christmas…

India in Wellington

This is the best title I can think of while writing this post here. Since I had learned that my friends live in Wellington a street named Nalanda Crescent I had been planning a walking trip to their place from the city where I am staying these days. Finally on August 24 the weather permitted a walk and I grabbed the opportunity. I started at around 10 AM and reached there at around 12 PM. The route is not that long but the steep climb at some places makes it a bit difficult. Moreover I was clicking pictures wherever I could get a chance to do so. It did slow me down to some extent.

Since I had arrived in Wellington 3 years ago, this suburb named Khandallah had always rung a bell in my ears. It was only after such a long time that I got a chance to walk down the streets and have a closer look. This area has some of the most beautiful houses in Wellington The beauty is magnified by the astonishing sea views offered by the area. While walking I came across very typical Indian subcontinent …

Taking The Stairs

It might be intriguing that my blog has a new post almost after 9 months and that too on such an unexpected topic.
I am in Wellington for some time and have been experiencing the notorious earthquakes. The August 16 earthquake was measured 6.6 on the richter magnitude scale. We were in the office building on fifth floor and suddenly everything started shaking. We quickly followed the well publicised drill "drop, cover, hold" and hid ourselves under our tables.
The moment shakes stopped we took a sigh of relief and rushed out of the building. No one was hurt and there was no damage to our office premises. I believe the thing which saved us was the fact that the epicentre of the earthquake was far away from Wellington. Life is back to normal again and we are now demonstrating hope and resilience which can be termed as some of the best human qualities. :)
Since then I have shown even more regularity in taking the stairs to move up and down the building. Earlier I used to be lazy …