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Marokopa Falls & Beach

Our outing at Waitomo (read here) was an exciting one as it was the first of its kind in what we had seen in our lives till now. Being on time paid us well and we were free by 5 pm in the evening. However it did bring some very familiar state of indecision to us as the summer sun was still high in the sky and we didn't want to go home that early.

After some whacky ideas and brainstorming everyone gave me the power to choose what to do, may be because of my familiarity with the area maps, things to see and other attractions which we could see.Being an island country we are never too far from sea on any side. This is the fact which I had in my mind while thinking about an impromptu drive.
I thought that continuing west can lead us to the west coast and there might be a beach. Although no one was sure as we didn’t have a GPS or Google maps. Only thing we had was an area map which showed that there was a small distance to the sea coast from the place where we were right now. Everyone un…

A journey to Waitomo Caves

It may be called pure laziness on my part that I am writing a travel experience after almost a year of experiencing it!! I have kept this post in draft for a long time and now it’s the right time to publish it; supposedly?? Maybe!! Anytime is a good time to do something constructive, at least for me. 
As usual we were out on a long weekend which was going to end the next day. The previous day was well spent in Waihi and Whangamata (read about it here). We did plan earlier for the Waitomo caves and as a result of that, we were on our schedule which is normally not a characteristic of our outings.
Waitomo caves are one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. I’d get a proof of this fact later in the day when I’d meet some European tourists on a 7 day tour to New Zealand and visiting Waitomo in their cramped itineraries. They are natural limestone caves which have been formed by thousands of years of geological changes in the earth.

This experience would be quite different…