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A Sunny Day in Wellington

Wellington is a beautiful city and recently been acclaimed as 'the coolest little capital in the world' by Lonely Planet. Now this coolest little capital becomes even cooler (not literally) when a sunny day greets it and that too without its characteristic winds. Although these types of days are a rarity, still I have seen some of them while my stay there.

I do have a habit of browsing maps of the places I generally live in and around. Thanks to google maps though. I had been going through Wellington maps for quite some time now and figuring out what were the places to see and visit. One day while I was browsing as usual, I saw out of the window that the day had risen quite brightly and without much wind. I confirmed it for the day ahead on the metservice website and planned to get out and do something.
The route covered on foot
Then this crazy idea struck my mind that I should see the suburban area on foot. I know it was a bit crazy but the thing that made it look crazier was that I had thought of covering the whole Miramar Peninsula on foot. Now that would be somewhere near 20 kms easily. Still I thought there would be none better way to say and experience the locales than being on foot.

I used to live in Kilbirnie suburb, which is surrounded by sea on 2 sides. I thought that I would start from one side and come back from the other side. It looked very interesting as it would let me see almost a major part of wellington very easily. So I got ready, had my breakfast and set out for the day.
Evans Bay Parade
Aircraft landing over the Evans Bay Parade
I started at around 11 in the morning and I made sure that I applied a lot of sun screen on my face as it was a bright sunny day and the Kiwi sun is very notorious for its ferocity.  I forgot to take the most important thing which I realized ahead in the middle of the walk, water. Nevertheless, it would not trouble me much because of potable water fountains quite frequently available in the public areas.

So I walked the Evans bay area and due to its proximity to the wellington international airport I could see planes landing just above my head. It is always a joyous thing to see a flying plane as close as it is not at all possible in India. The sea was as tranquil as ever and I could see the yachts parked near the Evans Bay parade.
Shark Bay
Shelly Bay
I walked past the Shark Bay and Shelly Bay, although I didn't see any sharks there. There is a big film studio or production set on Shelly Bay and I saw it from outside. It was closed otherwise I would have entered there too.

I continued on the Massey Road and saw a way up the hillside to the Massey Memorial built in the memory of William Massey, the 19th prime minister of New Zealand. I thought not to go there as I wasn’t keen on climbing a big flight of stairs.

As I walked I could see the wild bushes with yellow flowers blooming. I smelled one of them and was amazed to see the marvelous fragrance it radiated. I wondered even the wild native bushes in New Zealand are so beautiful. I reached the northern most tip of the peninsula and saw some of the boats in the sea. Some people were fishing and chilling on the rocky bank of the sea.
Northernmost point of Miramar peninsula
Beautiful native bushes
As I moved ahead, I came to the other side of the peninsula which we never got to see from our house in Kilbirnie. It was a fascinating view with small hills across the sea. I continued walking and met a guy putting on his diving suit to get into the sea. I asked him to click a picture of mine and gave him my phone. He obliged, we talked for some time and then I carried on.

I reached Karaka Bay and some of the most beautiful houses put up on the beach side. I was totally stunned to see those marvelous houses and clicked some of their pictures too (generally which is not taken in a good spirit here). I took some rest on the Seatoun Wharf and was getting a bit tired after covering almost 8-9 kms continuously.
Scorching Bay
Karaka Bay
Seatoun Wharf
After some rest I continued and reached the Seatoun suburb. As I didn’t have the map with me at that time, I was generally following the overhead tram lines whenever I seemed to get lost. Ahead there was a steep climb towards the other side of the peninsula and after that climb I could see the south sea for the first time. That was a breath taking feeling as the sea was extent less.

There was a downhill road towards Breaker Bay. I was getting tired quickly and at one time I thought I should ask someone for a lift. I rested again and after sometime reached the southernmost point of the peninsula. It was Moa Point and I could see planes taking off from the airport nearby.
Seatoun Bay
Towards Breaker Bay
I sat down and clicked a self picture of mine using the timer mode on my mobile phone. Then I walked past the airport and through the tunnel which connected the airport, I reached Lyall Bay. I was relieved to see the known area once again and knew that it wouldn't be much longer from home now as I continued walking on the Lyall Bay parade.
Moa Point
It took another 15 minutes for me to walk to home and then I had some quick lunch to energize myself. When I saw the map again I realized that I had really covered 20+ kms in a single day. I was very happy to reach that limit. Although my legs were cramping after this 4 hour walk, once I had lunch I went to sleep and don’t know where did I go after sleeping.

An interesting thing I noted that day was that I saw very few people along this complete walk. It was the first time that I had walked such a long distance continuously and acted as a good endurance test for me.

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