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A Sunny Day in Wellington

Wellington is a beautiful city and recently been acclaimed as 'the coolest little capital in the world' by Lonely Planet. Now this coolest little capital becomes even cooler (not literally) when a sunny day greets it and that too without its characteristic winds. Although these types of days are a rarity, still I have seen some of them while my stay there.

I do have a habit of browsing maps of the places I generally live in and around. Thanks to google maps though. I had been going through Wellington maps for quite some time now and figuring out what were the places to see and visit. One day while I was browsing as usual, I saw out of the window that the day had risen quite brightly and without much wind. I confirmed it for the day ahead on the metservice website and planned to get out and do something.
Then this crazy idea struck my mind that I should see the suburban area on foot. I know it was a bit crazy but the thing that made it look crazier was that I had thought of co…