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An Unexpected FREE day in Melbourne

I have heard somewhere "the best things in life are free". I don't know how true this statement is, but we definitely experienced it when we visited the Puffing Billy Railway in Melbourne, Australia. It is a heritage railway in Melbourne just like Shimla-Kalka railway and the Kangra Valley railway (my experience) in Himachal Pradesh, India. After getting up late in the morning after a hectic trip to the Great Ocean Road the previous day, it was pretty  difficult to decide what to do that day. There were a lot of options including penguin viewing tour at Philip Island and roaming in Melbourne City CBD. While we were trying to decide, didi's neighbours came and invited all of us for breakfast at their house.
Now that was a task in itself to get ready and be present there on time for breakfast keeping in view the graciousness of the host. Slowly but steadily we made ourselves presentable for the breakfast and went there well on time. Indeed the hosts were very gracious…

A Day on the Great Ocean Road

Australia is a major destination for Kiwi people (candidly, Kiwis). When I was a school going kid, I once got to see Australia tourism website and I was instantly in awe of the landscape especially the big endless land masses, brown deserts, not to forget the Twelve Apostles and many such things. That time I thought that I shall visit this country at least once.
Fast forward; after 14-15 years or so, I finally got a chance to visit this country. My friend Yogi's sister lives in Melbourne. They had organised a Sonu Nigam concert in Melbourne on the Easter weekend. That acted as a big motivation for us to plan a trip to Melbourne. I personally was not keen to see Sonu Nigam live, but I was more interested in seeing Australia.
The best part of the trip was we all 4 friends were going together. We booked our tickets in January and got our visas stamped in March. Finally, we were on board the plane to Melbourne on April 5 night. The jet star flight reminded me of the Indian low-cost c…