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Kangra Valley Railway Line – A Memoir

After a long time, I have planned to write this post which can be really called reminiscence. Just thought of writing this post when I read this blog post by my friend and fellow NITHian Tarun Goel :- Kangra Valley Railway Line- A Photo Journey
He notified me on Facebook about it and I thought that I should also share my experiences of the same. So it’s a kind of Inception of the idea into my mind by him. It’s been almost 6 years now that we passed out of NIT Hamirpur. There are so many memories linked to that place that sometimes those memories intermingle creating a lot of chaotic confusion.
One of the best memories for me is travelling to Pathankot by the Kangra Valley Railway Line. Many would think why that is such an important thing for me. So let me explain.
I have lived in Himachal for almost my entire life before going to college and Bus transport is a major mode of travel in Himachal. Being a kid travel by rail was always a fascinating experience for me, although I didn’t get …

A Day of International Cricket - New Zealand VS South Africa

Back in November 2011, when I saw the Black Caps schedule on, I had decided that I wouldn't miss a chance to get a picture with the Kiwis and the Proteas.
That day finally came on March 17, 2012, when I and Yogi went to Hamilton see my friends there. We had already decided that we would all be going to see the test match at Seddon Park there. The single day ticket was only $15 but Sandeep and Saurabh put a lot of effort in arranging the tickets from their colleagues and eventually we all got free tickets to the match.
I reached the stadium at around 10:15 in morning and others came after 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, the match had already been started. Kiwis were in a fragile position already with their 4 wickets down overnight and looking to consolidate their lead over the South Africans.
On entering the ground, there was a usual security check after I got my ticket scanned. The interesting thing was that the security person didn't even touch my bag which…