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A Journey to Waihi Gold Mines and beyond

Generally famous for its natural beauty New Zealand does have a wide variety of places and attractions which are quite unique and have their own vibrant history. One such place is Waihi, most famous for its open pit gold mine.
I know the names of places are quite interesting here in New Zealand because of their Maori origins, still, I have learned that we should not laugh at these names. The names like Ram-garh, Lax-man-garh etc. etc. are quite funny and gibberish to the people non-native to those parts of the world. The same happens to us here.
Coming back to the point, we got a chance to go to this place as we had a long weekend holiday because of the Waitangi Day.
There are so many places to see and visit in New Zealand that choosing few of them to be seen in 3 days is a task in itself. Believe me, when I say so because it needs a lot of discussion and planning. Especially when the number of people is 5. Everyone has his own opinion.
We went to this place on Saturday 4 February and…