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An year outside India

It has been a long year and an exciting one too. :)

First time out of India and that too for a year continuously, can be definitely challenging. Especially when one is used to having worldly comforts of  servants, food delivered at doorstep without even calling anyone daily, driving a motorcycle whenever and in whatever way one wants...and much more.

Anyway, each thing in life has its pros and cons. The best way to live life successfully is to always look at the Pros (huh, as if I do that always).
Auckland City.
Just trying to look at the pros of living in a place like New Zealand can bring up a list of many significant and insignificant things such as:-
  • Walking to the office daily, keeping the body in a good condition.
  • Living without a fear of adulteration in even the basic materials e.g. milk, food.
  • Not seeing any corrupt practices. (they might exist, but I am not in contact with any of them so I am happy)
  • Being treated well by the shop keepers unlike India where people still try to judge the purchasing power of a customer by just seeing him, his clothes and his way of talking etc.
  • Enjoying the seafront every morning from our house.
  • Living with college friends whom I know for almost 9 years now.
  • Working at a place where everyone greets everyone on meeting daily.
  • Working on the things which really give a sense of accomplishment upon completing.
  • Cooking own food daily and experimenting with it. (although I really miss the Indian sweets here)
  • Neat and clean surroundings where your clothes hardly get dirty. You have to really do something outrageous to do that.
  • Seeing so many people lining up for rugby opening match and ceremony but still maintaining a fluent decorum. :)
  • Realising the visible difference between roads, traffic conditions and rules being followed in India and here.
  • Talking to any stranger whom you have just met for 10 seconds and discussing the weather with them.
  • Walking bare feet in the cold sea water on the beach and collecting sea shells.

It does not mean that I don’t miss India.

Being away from Home has made me understand the real value of Home. Maybe that’s why I am quite excited to visit India after a year, although only for a month but still sounds very satisfying and relieving.

PS: I was aiming to publish this post before I went to India for a month holiday. But lazy me; again late in publishing it. Anyway, I will be back soon with the reminiscence of my India trip. Stay tuned.

I always try to include some photographs into my blog to make it look more interesting. This time, I thought I should hyperlink a forum's photo thread's link on which I am an active member.

Enjoy some great NZ pics:
Some might not be visible as login is required, but still, it is worth seeing. :)

I first wrote about my experiences in New Zealand here:-

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