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Sandeep's wedding (day 3)

(Continued from here - Day 2)

July 31 was an important day for all and for Sandeep, above all. After all, it was his wedding day. After waking up early at 6 in the morning, I went to mom's hotel room to get ready for the day. I and mom had a laugh on seeing that it was raining heavily and had rained the whole night. I got ready for the day in half an hour and after that, there was a beeline of relatives for using the bathrooms. I thanked mom for waking me up and pressurizing me to get ready.

Now Sandeep had to undergo the Sehra-Bandi ceremony, where the maternal uncles would dress him up in new clothes and cover his face with the Sehra. All relatives and we started assembling in the hall where the ceremony was scheduled to take place. Meanwhile, I and Manoj were given the most important duty of getting the car exteriors decorated with flowers. We took the car to a floweriest and started the same. It was quite difficult to paste the flowers on the car using cello tapes as it was raining and the car was completely wet. We managed it somehow and accomplished the task well in time.
Meanwhile, Sandeep was seated in the Puja seat for the final ceremony before departure of Baarat. After having breakfast, I stood nearby him to see what was exactly going on there. First of all, the relatives came forward and helped him dress up in Shervani and Churidaar. Then, Purohit ji tied a pink turban around his head and the Sehra was tied on the turban. After making sure that he was in a comfortable position, the Puja was started.

Now his paternal aunts presented him garlands made up of Rs.10 notes and he had to wear that. Rajesh was quite amazed to see that and asked me if Sandeep would wear it for the day or just for the while, for which I told him that he would wear it for the whole day ahead. After some usual photo session with Sandeep in his Sehra, we were ordered to move on for the Baarat departure.

We had some dancing on the band's tunes. Sandeep was seated in the decorated car along with his father and Purohit ji, which Rajan would drive and was flagged off soon. We decided to follow them and after dancing for some time, we saved our energies for further and got into Saurabh's car. It was raining lightly and was cloudy. As we went on the way to Salogara, where we had to halt for the final climb to the Bride's house, we stopped the car at many places on the way and clicked some photos.

On reaching the destination we parked the car nearby and were totally astonished to see that the climb was a mighty one and would be an ideal trekking experience. Sandeep was seated in a palki (called Dola) and was carried to the venue by some professional guys. As we started the trek, I and Saurabh had a big adrenaline rush and were getting excited to see that whole thing.

We danced our way to the top in spite of my recurring back pain and clicked many pictures on the way. It was a completely picturesque climb to the top and we came across the Shimla-Kalka narrow gauge railway line on our way. Finally after a climb of 30-40 minutes, we reached the top where the marriage was to take place. In the enthusiasm, we forgot that out moms were also coming behind us. On reaching the top, they taunted us for the same.

The place was absolutely marvelous, out of the world, amazing, beautiful and what not. We saw many different kinds of flora which are quite rare in the plains e.g. walnut trees, Japanese fruit etc. We even tried some of them afterward. On reaching there, we were welcomed with garlands and a small shagun tokens. We were seated and were given refreshments. I literally wondered that how could they manage such a good arrangement at the place which was so difficult to climb. Later we came to know that all things were carried up manually or by mules.

Anyway, after getting refreshed, the Milni ceremony started and the counterpart relatives from both bride's and bridegrooms sides were introduced formally as per the local rituals. After some dance and merry making, Sandeep was accompanied to the main venue of Phere. We also followed him after some sightseeing and roaming around.

Continued here :-
Sandeep's wedding (day 3) Contd.

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