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BangaloreD for the first time (part 1)

I am always thrilled whenever I get a chance to visit any new place. Same was my state of mind when I planned to visit my friends in Bangalore for this year’s New Year party. It would be the first time after 2006 that I’d be in a new place to celebrate the New Year. Though I am not a party animal, I was excited to visit a place hyped for being the IT hub of India.

I got my air tickets, from Delhi to Bangalore, with Indigo Airlines just a week before the departure. Obviously, it burnt a big hole in this frugal spender’s pocket. Yogi had planned to come from Wellington 2 days before my arrival at Bangalore. So I’d see my best friends together after a gap of more than a year.

Finally on December 28, 2009 - a chilly winter afternoon in Delhi, I started for the airport to catch the flight scheduled at 3 PM. Sandeep had asked for some special sweets and groundnuts for Lohri, so I obliged him by being a low-cost carrier for the same. After an hour and a half in buses and autos, I reached the airport with almost an hour to spare.

The moment I reached there, I was a bit confused to see the totally new terminals and had to ask the policeman to guide me to the right check in terminal. I reached the Indigo check in counter, checked in my luggage and got the gate pass and other formalities were done. After 15-20 minutes we were on our way to board the flight.

I was the second person to get on the flight and as usual, I had already booked a window seat to have a complete view. I took my seat and a newlywed lady happened to sit in my adjacent seat. Another middle aged lady, whom I helped keep the luggage into the overhead box, thought us to be married and gave her best wishes to us. The newlywed lady blushed instantly and I had a good laugh about the compliment. :D

The flight took off at the scheduled time and I was wondering that fog could cause a delay there. After 10 minutes we were above the fog and sun was shining brightly into my eyes. The whole city below us was covered by dense fog and it seemed that we were flying above a vast stretch of cotton laid evenly.

As we moved away from Delhi the fog became more sparse and after half an hour, it completely vanished. I had kept my mobile phone in flight mode and continued clicking some pictures of the landscape below. The flight had a halt in Ahmedabad. The weather there was quite opposite to that in Delhi. I could see people in their summer dresses.

We took off from there after a 20 minutes scheduled halt. After 15-20 minutes, we were flying near the sea shore and I could see the characteristic land mass of south Mumbai. I could also identify the newly constructed Bandra-Worli sea link and was excitedly clicked its picture. Now as we approached Bangalore, the sun was setting down and I saw some amazing patterns formed by the thick clouds in the sky. For a moment, the plane went through a dense cloud and started shaking a bit. I could see the awesome lightning bolt among the clouds.

After some time we started the descent towards Bangalore. It was completely dark now and I could see the tiny lights on the ground getting closer. We landed at exact 7 PM which was the scheduled time too. Hats off to Indigo for that on time performance. After getting back my checked in luggage, I moved towards the outer platforms of the airport.

Bangalore has an efficient bus service from the airport to almost every part of the city. As instructed by Sandeep, I boarded the BIAL-7A bus and started the journey towards the city. The roads were exceptionally smooth, may be because of being recently built. The bus was a low floor bus with dedicated compartments of luggage. I started scanning the city as we crossed it and entered the main old city. As decided, I had to get down at the Sony World crossing, which I did after an hour.

There Sandeep and yogi were waiting for me and I was happy to see them after such a long time. We walked towards Sandeep’s house and it took us only 5 minutes. There I met yogi’s mother and Sandeep’s other roommates. After dinner, we had a good time chatting and didn’t realize that it was already 2 AM. So we slept and saved the rest of the talks for the next day.

Continued here :-

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