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BangaloreD for the first time (part 2)

Continued from here :- BangaloreD for the first time (part 1)
The next morning, I found the weather very pleasant there, as I had always heard. In fact, the other thing which totally surprised me was a coconut tree in the courtyard of the house. I had seen a coconut tree first time in my life and was overjoyed like a child. It had some 5-6 coconuts on it too.
On getting ready we had breakfast and set out to roam around in the city. Sandeep and yogi were equally enthusiastic to show me the city and their usual hangouts there. I had a look at the surroundings and was instantly amazed by the greenery and the pleasant weather. The noon was a bit sweaty however it was far better than the chilly winters of Delhi.
First of all, we went to Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum. It has different exhibition halls namely Engine Hall, Electrotechinc, Fun Science, Space Technology and much more. I was very amused to see the working models of each and every theory in Physics, Engines,…

BangaloreD for the first time (part 1)

I am always thrilled whenever I get a chance to visit any new place. Same was my state of mind when I planned to visit my friends in Bangalore for this year’s New Year party. It would be the first time after 2006 that I’d be in a new place to celebrate the New Year. Though I am not a party animal, I was excited to visit a place hyped for being the IT hub of India.

I got my air tickets, from Delhi to Bangalore, with Indigo Airlines just a week before the departure. Obviously, it burnt a big hole in this frugal spender’s pocket. Yogi had planned to come from Wellington 2 days before my arrival at Bangalore. So I’d see my best friends together after a gap of more than a year.

Finally on December 28, 2009 - a chilly winter afternoon in Delhi, I started for the airport to catch the flight scheduled at 3 PM. Sandeep had asked for some special sweets and groundnuts for Lohri, so I obliged him by being a low-cost carrier for the same. After an hour and a half in buses and autos, I reached the a…

My own domain name :)

Finally, after a spell of inactivity, I have decided to revamp my blog and get this customized domain name . Thanks to for the same. :)
Now I have an identity on the internet too, my own website where I can post whatever I want. Just checked that the hit counter has also crossed 1K which is quite unbelievable for a nerdy kind of a blog like this. :)
My sincere thanks to all who are reading this blog and have read it. Keep watching this space now for more activity and seemingly interesting experiences.