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7 Lessons From the World’s Greatest Minds

OK. I admit I am very lazy and the same could be seen from the condition of my blog. :D
I just came across this post on a blog and couldn't resist myself from sharing it.
So here goes the awesome post as it is (courtesy: illuminated mind)
7 Lessons From the World’s Greatest Minds
Have you ever wished you could go back in time and have a conversation with one of the greatest minds in history? Well, you can’t sorry, they’re dead. Unless of course you’re clairaudient, be my guest. But for the rest of us, we can still refer to the words they left behind.
Even though these great teachers have passed on, their words still live, and in them their wisdom. I’ve made a list of seven what I believe are some of the greatest teachings by the world’s greatest minds. 1. Realizing Your Dreams
“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
- Lawrence J. Peter

In order for us to achieve our dreams, we must have a vision of our goals. Writing down our dreams and cr…

Sandeep's wedding (day 3) Contd.

(Continued from here - Day 3)
Finally, we also made ourselves comfortable to see the actual proceedings of the marriage. The whole mandap where the marriage would take place was set up in the house's main courtyard. The Bride and the Groom were seated near the havan kund for pooja and the ceremony. Then the whole process commenced. The main point which we learned about the marriage was that the Paani Grahan sanskar (which is the most important ceremony of the whole marriage) was scheduled at an auspicious time determined by purohit ji and would be performed at that particular time itself, other things could be delayed, but not this one.
Sandeep's masi ji described us in detail about the whole sanskar and related it to the whole Hindu marriage concept which was quite a knowledgeable thing for us to learn. As the marriage ceremony was taking place, we all were having chat with the local people and Sandeep's relatives, sisters, cousins etc about the whole thing. After some ti…

Sandeep's wedding (day 3)

(Continued from here - Day 2)
July 31 was an important day for all and for Sandeep, above all. After all, it was his wedding day. After waking up early at 6 in the morning, I went to mom's hotel room to get ready for the day. I and mom had a laugh on seeing that it was raining heavily and had rained the whole night. I got ready for the day in half an hour and after that, there was a beeline of relatives for using the bathrooms. I thanked mom for waking me up and pressurizing me to get ready.
Now Sandeep had to undergo the Sehra-Bandi ceremony, where the maternal uncles would dress him up in new clothes and cover his face with the Sehra. All relatives and we started assembling in the hall where the ceremony was scheduled to take place. Meanwhile, I and Manoj were given the most important duty of getting the car exteriors decorated with flowers. We took the car to a floweriest and started the same. It was quite difficult to paste the flowers on the car using cello tapes as it was ra…

Sandeep's wedding (day 2)

(continued from here - day 1)
As usual, I woke up early in the morning after a comfortable sleep and learned that Aman and Rajesh (our two friends who were Sandeep's roommates in Bangalore) had arrived there. They also came to the room to rest after a long drive from Delhi to Solan. We had a good chit-chat and laugh about Sandeep getting married. It was nice to see college friends after such a long time.
After Aman and Rajesh slept to take some rest, we got ready for the day ahead. The local relatives had already started arriving and it was a pleasure meeting them although we were total strangers for them. The major ceremony of the day was the welcome of the maternal uncles and other relatives from the mother side. In north Indian weddings, the mother side relatives have a major role to play as they sponsor the Sehra (the bridegroom's veil), the clothes and other gifts to the bridegroom.
We got ready and after 2-3 hours Aman and Rajesh woke up after a refreshing sleep. We wer…

Sandeep's wedding (day 1)

Plans for the wedding had started the day Sandeep told us about his marriage last year. This was a very important occasion for all four of us Sandeep, Yogi, Saurabh and me as it would be the first wedding amongst us. Finally, the week of the wedding arrived. As usual, I started planning the whole trip with Saurabh, which was successful, at least to some extent. We decided to get out of Delhi on July 29 which was Thursday. The major breather was that Saurabh would take us in his car. However, we would realize it later whether it was a breather or a tension.
Saurabh’s mom also agreed to accompany us, that led me to ask my mom to come there and attend the wedding. We started on the decided day in the morning, although we were 2 hours behind the schedule still our journey to overcome the notorious Delhi traffic was fruitful and we successfully went past the Delhi border in time. I was given the navigator seat and also some additional responsibilities of keeping the chauffeur awake and en…

BangaloreD for the first time (part 3)

Continued from here :- BangaloreD for the first time (part 1) & BangaloreD for the first time (part 2)
Being single has many benefits but not without the added disadvantages. Not being able to enjoy a party is one of those disadvantages. Anywhere we inquired about the New Year’s party, we got a negative response as we are singles and I don’t know why Bangalore has a bad eye for singles even if they want to enjoy and hang around. Anyway, we continued searching and our never say die attitude paid off as we got a booking for dining out and that too without any hassles of being single or double.
We got the booking in the Sahib Sindh Sultan Restaurant in Forum Mall. So finally the major task was completed. I was happy as I was not going to pay for it, being the guest of honor :D. On the New Year’s Eve, Sandeep had to go to the office and as usual I and Yogi went out for a stroll. The stroll lengthened a bit and we reached Brigade Road again. There we shopped more and understood the sayi…

BangaloreD for the first time (part 2)

Continued from here :- BangaloreD for the first time (part 1)
The next morning, I found the weather very pleasant there, as I had always heard. In fact, the other thing which totally surprised me was a coconut tree in the courtyard of the house. I had seen a coconut tree first time in my life and was overjoyed like a child. It had some 5-6 coconuts on it too.
On getting ready we had breakfast and set out to roam around in the city. Sandeep and yogi were equally enthusiastic to show me the city and their usual hangouts there. I had a look at the surroundings and was instantly amazed by the greenery and the pleasant weather. The noon was a bit sweaty however it was far better than the chilly winters of Delhi.
First of all, we went to Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum. It has different exhibition halls namely Engine Hall, Electrotechinc, Fun Science, Space Technology and much more. I was very amused to see the working models of each and every theory in Physics, Engines,…

BangaloreD for the first time (part 1)

I am always thrilled whenever I get a chance to visit any new place. Same was my state of mind when I planned to visit my friends in Bangalore for this year’s New Year party. It would be the first time after 2006 that I’d be in a new place to celebrate the New Year. Though I am not a party animal, I was excited to visit a place hyped for being the IT hub of India.

I got my air tickets, from Delhi to Bangalore, with Indigo Airlines just a week before the departure. Obviously, it burnt a big hole in this frugal spender’s pocket. Yogi had planned to come from Wellington 2 days before my arrival at Bangalore. So I’d see my best friends together after a gap of more than a year.

Finally on December 28, 2009 - a chilly winter afternoon in Delhi, I started for the airport to catch the flight scheduled at 3 PM. Sandeep had asked for some special sweets and groundnuts for Lohri, so I obliged him by being a low-cost carrier for the same. After an hour and a half in buses and autos, I reached the a…

My own domain name :)

Finally, after a spell of inactivity, I have decided to revamp my blog and get this customized domain name . Thanks to for the same. :)
Now I have an identity on the internet too, my own website where I can post whatever I want. Just checked that the hit counter has also crossed 1K which is quite unbelievable for a nerdy kind of a blog like this. :)
My sincere thanks to all who are reading this blog and have read it. Keep watching this space now for more activity and seemingly interesting experiences.