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My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 1)

So...i am back after a long gap. it has been quite a time since I wrote here.
Recently I got a chance to visit my Bua's home at Kullu. I was happy as I had never visited that place in spite of spending 4 years in Hamirpur which is quite close to these places. My friends used to visit there and I thought, "kabhi na kabhi toh ghum hi lenge, Himachal hi toh hai"; but I never got a chance. Now, 3 years after passing out from college, I got a golden chance and decided not to let it go.
We decided to go by car and taking a day's break at Chandigarh. So we started at 7 AM from Noida and reached Chandigarh at around 2 PM after a 2-hour break in Panipat. We had lunch at Chacha's house and afterwards bua and uncle left for a night stay at one of his friend's house.

The next morning we started again at 7 amidst pleasant weather and cool breezes as it had rained the previous day. The drive up to Bilaspur was a well acquainted one and we stopped at a place 10-15 minutes …