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What You Might Henceforth Learn At Business School

I found this article in the TOI yesterday and found it really interesting.
here's the article

What You Might Henceforth Learn At Business School

Prakash Shesh

Good business schools are becoming aware that apart from learning how to maximize wealth, they need to also learn how to maximize happiness — their own and of those around them.

There is a difference between happiness and what we describe as joy and pleasure. On a warm day what a glass of cold lemon juice gives you is pleasure for it is momentary and sensory. Happiness, on the other hand, is experienced in the mind and is therefore infinitely more powerful.

Are we happier today than we were a hundred years ago? If we’re not, isn’t it amazing that technological aids have not been able to add to our happiness?
What could we do to feel happy or happier?

1. Identify what makes you happy: I have met very few people who are clear about what makes them happy. Since they are unclear about their objectives, they live a perennially un…