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first flight :)

So it has been a long time I wrote here.
Recently I had my first experience of air travel so I thought I would write it here too :)

I had to go to Pune from New Delhi on February 11 and had booked tickets with Indigo Air well in advance. The flight was scheduled at 2:20 in the afternoon from IGI airport Delhi.
So enthusiastic I was for the flight that I reached the airport a good 1 and a half hour before the scheduled time.

On reaching the airport I just smiled at myself that no one could imagine that I had taken a bus, then an auto on the way to reach the airport, as people are used to hiring cabs to go there.
There I went to the Indigo counter where the steward gave me a boarding pass for the flight and checked in my luggage (a good old VIP suitcase).

Then I went on to the flight check in area, had a rigorous security check and sat in the waiting area. After 30 minutes or so, I heard that the boarding had started. I also stood in the same queue.

I was amazed to see that a bus would carry us to the plane. For the first time, I felt it was funny but soon realised that it was a safe strategy at such a big airport and the act was justified when it took us complete 5 minutes to reach the plane by bus.

I grinned on seeing the plane as it was for the first time. Total PAHADI I am.
Then I went inside the plane using the mobile staircase.

I had deliberately booked the window seat for a full view.
I occupied my seat 10F and fastened the seat belt as I had been told and had seen many times.
After 15-20 minutes everyone was in and the door of the plane was closed.

I was getting thrilled as the time was passing. The plane started moving towards the runway and I thought how slow it is moving, will it be able to fly?
As we approached the runway, I saw a Virgin Atlantic flight taking off with full throttle.
Then after 2-3 minutes we were in a position of taking off.

Suddenly the sound of the aviation turbine changed and I guessed that it was time. We started moving on the runway very fast and I was looking out the window.

Suddenly the speed increased considerably and I felt a thump in the heart. 5 seconds later I saw that we were in the air. I couldn't believe it.

I looked outside the window like a child. The size of the surroundings started shrinking and my smile got widened.
Then after 3-4 minutes we were amidst the clouds. I was just fascinated by that and the thought that I was airborne made me shiver with joy. I just wanted to scream and jump but was a plane, a closed space.

Anyway, on reaching the top of the sky we overtook the clouds and the captain announced that we were at an altitude of nearly 11 kilometres in the sky.
After the clouds dispersed, the land was visible. We were above Rajasthan. And I believe I saw Udaipur with the beautiful lake. Then we crossed Ahmadabad and after some time I saw the tiny rivulets merging in a great water body. I was elated to see the SEA for the first time in my life. Suddenly the air-hostess came and offered refreshment. I just refused straightaway without even looking at her, and I could guess that she laughed slowly.

After some time we started the descent to Pune. I saw the numerous plateaus in that region and was recalling them in my standard 9 geography book.

As we descended slowly, the view became more and more beautiful. Vast greens and small rivulets flowing across them.

Finally, we landed at Pune airport, quite a smaller one as compared to New Delhi.
The plane took around 10 minutes to stand still after the flight.
As I got out of the plane I greeted the captain standing in the front of the cockpit.

So here was I in Pune in a matter of 2 hours. A distance of over 1200 km in mere 2 hours.

The whole journey will remain etched in my mind forever and the single moment which I can't ever forget is the thump I felt when I saw myself flying.

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