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first flight :)

So it has been a long time I wrote here.
Recently I had my first experience of air travel so I thought I would write it here too :)

I had to go to Pune from New Delhi on February 11 and had booked tickets with Indigo Air well in advance. The flight was scheduled at 2:20 in the afternoon from IGI airport Delhi.
So enthusiastic I was for the flight that I reached the airport a good 1 and a half hour before the scheduled time.

On reaching the airport I just smiled at myself that no one could imagine that I had taken a bus, then an auto on the way to reach the airport, as people are used to hiring cabs to go there.
There I went to the Indigo counter where the steward gave me a boarding pass for the flight and checked in my luggage (a good old VIP suitcase).

Then I went on to the flight check in area, had a rigorous security check and sat in the waiting area. After 30 minutes or so, I heard that the boarding had started. I also stood in the same queue.

I was amazed to see that a bus would …