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First Time Spectator

They say Cricket is a religion and I experienced it very well yesterday when I went to see the India-Australia one-day international match at the Ferozshah Kotla stadium in New Delhi. It was the first time I had got a chance to see a cricket match in a stadium. Although I am not a very die-hard fan of cricket, still being an Indian I have normal levels of cricket in my blood like any other Indian.

On Thursday, my roommate suddenly called and asked if I wanted to go and see the 3rd ODI at Delhi, I gave him an affirmative and so he bought the tickets for us. Later he told that the rush was so much at the ticket counter that it closed quite early and hence giving the illegal community to black market the tickets at their own will. The tickets he bought were officially for 500 bucks but it cost him 600. Far too nominal I’d say later on hearing from another fellow spectator from a nearby town who had bought the same ticket on the match day for 3000 bucks.

We started from home at 11 in the mo…

My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 3)

Continued from here :- My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 1) & My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 2)
My third day at Bhuntar was a bit lazy one as compared to previous two. I woke up at around 7 in the morning and had a look at the valley from the house’s balcony. It was simply amazing. After tea and some light moments with uncle and aunt, I asked my granduncle about Bijli Mahadev. He candidly told me that he had never been to that place but just pointed to a peak from the balcony (the peak in this picture) and told that was it.

It was now my job to learn how to go there. After breakfast, I started from home for Kullu and reached there at 10. There at the bus station, I inquired about Bijli Mahadev and got to know that there was a limited bus service to that place and there was a 3 km trek to the peak.

I boarded the next bus and started for the destination. The bus started the climb to the hill and slowly the whole valley looked tinier and tinier. We reached the village Chansari at a…

My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 2)

Continued from here :-  My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 1)
I had not at all imagined that the day 2 would be the most demanding of the whole trip. After coming back from ManiKaran the last night, I decided to go to Rohtang the next day. I took proper guidelines from my grand uncle there and was a bit baffled to hear that I’d have to start at 5 in the morning if I had to reach home timely in the evening.
Enthusiastically, I woke up at 5 in the morning and by 5:30 I was on the road to Bhuntar. As there was no transport at that time, I had to ask for a lift to Bhuntar bus stand in a tractor which was ferrying cauliflowers. The driver was an old man and was very cordial and told me the whole route very clearly. He dropped me at Bhuntar and luckily I didn’t have to wait very long for a bus, and that too I got a direct bus for Manali with a window seat offering me a majestic morning view of the Kullu valley.

Enjoying the view and travelling at a not very fast pace, we reached Manali at 8 …

My getaway to Kullu Manali (part 1)

So...i am back after a long gap. it has been quite a time since I wrote here.
Recently I got a chance to visit my Bua's home at Kullu. I was happy as I had never visited that place in spite of spending 4 years in Hamirpur which is quite close to these places. My friends used to visit there and I thought, "kabhi na kabhi toh ghum hi lenge, Himachal hi toh hai"; but I never got a chance. Now, 3 years after passing out from college, I got a golden chance and decided not to let it go.
We decided to go by car and taking a day's break at Chandigarh. So we started at 7 AM from Noida and reached Chandigarh at around 2 PM after a 2-hour break in Panipat. We had lunch at Chacha's house and afterwards bua and uncle left for a night stay at one of his friend's house.

The next morning we started again at 7 amidst pleasant weather and cool breezes as it had rained the previous day. The drive up to Bilaspur was a well acquainted one and we stopped at a place 10-15 minutes …

What You Might Henceforth Learn At Business School

I found this article in the TOI yesterday and found it really interesting.
here's the article

What You Might Henceforth Learn At Business School

Prakash Shesh

Good business schools are becoming aware that apart from learning how to maximize wealth, they need to also learn how to maximize happiness — their own and of those around them.

There is a difference between happiness and what we describe as joy and pleasure. On a warm day what a glass of cold lemon juice gives you is pleasure for it is momentary and sensory. Happiness, on the other hand, is experienced in the mind and is therefore infinitely more powerful.

Are we happier today than we were a hundred years ago? If we’re not, isn’t it amazing that technological aids have not been able to add to our happiness?
What could we do to feel happy or happier?

1. Identify what makes you happy: I have met very few people who are clear about what makes them happy. Since they are unclear about their objectives, they live a perennially un…

first flight :)

So it has been a long time I wrote here.
Recently I had my first experience of air travel so I thought I would write it here too :)

I had to go to Pune from New Delhi on February 11 and had booked tickets with Indigo Air well in advance. The flight was scheduled at 2:20 in the afternoon from IGI airport Delhi.
So enthusiastic I was for the flight that I reached the airport a good 1 and a half hour before the scheduled time.

On reaching the airport I just smiled at myself that no one could imagine that I had taken a bus, then an auto on the way to reach the airport, as people are used to hiring cabs to go there.
There I went to the Indigo counter where the steward gave me a boarding pass for the flight and checked in my luggage (a good old VIP suitcase).

Then I went on to the flight check in area, had a rigorous security check and sat in the waiting area. After 30 minutes or so, I heard that the boarding had started. I also stood in the same queue.

I was amazed to see that a bus would …