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similarly different

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what am I doing in that frame of time????

I am reading this article by JANARDHAN ROYE in the Times of India and can't control my laughter.

Nostalgia for the simple life and uncomplicated everyday options seized my middle-aged mind when, abroad, one ran out of toothpaste, and dashed to the supermarket. The plan of action - zip in, pick up the toothpaste, race back to make it to the meeting on time - got unstuck from the word 'Go'. I found the Oral Care section at the retail outlet. There, stretching as far as the eye could see, were toothpastes: Total Fresh Stripe, Janina Whitening, Advanced Whitening, Fresh Energy Gel, Herbal Family Protection, more Active Gel this time Red Hot...the ridiculously large selection boggled the mind. All one wanted was a simple toothpaste that one routinely buys, something with a minty flavour. I moved from left aisl…

Mukteshwar Trek (part 3)

Continued from :- Mukteshwar Trek (part 1) & Mukteshwar Trek (part 2)
Although we hadn't done anything much except chattering and sightseeing, everyone was quite tired at the mere mention of the trek's distance – 5 kilometres and may be more, that too on a very rugged terrain where every step was to be footed carefully. Showing courage we started. I was in the front of the bunch most of the times. Say it my enthusiasm or my cherished 4 years of pahadi experience at NIT Hamirpur.
When we started, the guide showed us the location of the cascade in the middle of the valley, so far that one would need binoculars to figure it out. We had a descent in the valley but quite carefully as it had rained heavily the last day and rocks-soil were quite loose. We saw many great landscapes in the valley and everyone was clicking either the sight or getting clicked himself by others. We moved on. After a good 40-45 minutes, we reached a road head where the guide stopped us and told to get …

Mukteshwar Trek (part 2)

Continued from :-  Mukteshwar Trek (part 1)
We started a good 2 hours late as per the planned schedule. But the good thing was – we started. Despite some minor traffic snarls caused by the kanwariyas, we went at a brisk pace. Although it was midnight, even it couldn't stop anyone from chattering and giggling. I enjoyed a short nap meanwhile. When I woke up we were at a roadside dhaba, unusually hustling in spite of the odd 2:30 AM in the night. I was hungry and had some bread pakoras, which I relished. After having some snacks we started again. The road was quite a notorious one and didn't let me sleep peacefully. Still, I continued to do so as I knew that the next day was going to be tiring.
The next time I woke up was at Rudrapur (Udham Singh Nagar). We reached Haldwani at around 5:30 AM in the morning and just 15-20 minutes later crossed Kathgodam. The Kumaon hills had started to come by. It was the first part of the drive in the hills. Everyone was awake at the sight of t…