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My Favourite Motivational Videos

Staying motivated is very important for anyone these days.
Especially when we are living in a world full of comparisons, distractions, self-doubts and social media dependent behaviours.
Till date, these 3 youtube videos are my favourite in helping me stay motivated and remain positive.
The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will Come!

Matthew McConaughey | 5 Minutes for the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE

6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! - MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Video for Success

Watch and like/bookmark/save them for re-watching. Best. :)

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Brisbane - Gold Coast Hinterland - Day 2

Continued from here: Brisbane - Gold Coast Hinterland - Day 1.
A long and adventurous day ensured that we slept like babies at the resort. We had some awesome places and activities lined for the coming day. Although, just 3 hours ahead of time from our home time zone of Auckland, we were awake at 4 AM local time in the morning. After waking up I realised that it was too early and everyone was asleep.
The interesting point I noted was the fact that there was no daylight savings time correction in Brisbane, in fact in the whole state of Queensland. As a result, the sunrise happened even before 5 AM. This was a pleasant surprise for us. Our friends being used to the phenomena were deep asleep. We decided to make most of that available time and went out roaming in the rural surroundings of the resort. We were walking ahead and talking about where to see the kangaroos in Brisbane. Suddenly we saw a herd of Kangaroos and felt someone had just heard and granted our wish to see them. We were ela…

Brisbane - Gold Coast Hinterland - Day 1

Australia is an interesting place. Due to the sheer size of the country, it has areas having totally different climate from each other. The southern states (Victoria, New South Wales etc.) have predominantly temperate climates. The northern and western states enjoy summer and subtropical climates throughout the year.
Visiting Sydney last year had already given us the taste of Australian culture and landscapes. When the Christmas holidays approached, we thought of visiting Brisbane. We chose Brisbane because our great friend Jain Saab had recently moved to the city. I was in touch with him and shared my thought with him. He strongly urged us to visit them and he would show us around. We started planning for the visit and eagerly looked forward to it. Having known Jain Saab for years now, I can easily say that there are very few persons who can match his positive attitude and joyous spirit. He and his wife are one of the best hosts I have met. We were going to experience it this summer. W…

Holi Mela in Paonta Sahib

My blog's name - Reminiscences - also means Chronicles, Memoirs, Anecdotes and many more sophisticated words. The synonym that resonates to me the most is - Memories. Whenever I start writing here, these reminiscences always take me down the memory lane. This post is one of the most vivid memories I treasure. 
My home town Paonta Sahib is a small town on the banks of river Yamuna. It is very famous for its majestic Gurudwara established by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I have always enjoyed visiting the holy shrine and being a part of the prayers there. Every year millions of devotees visit the shrine to gather blessings. Apart from the Gurudwara, the town is very famous for its annual Holi Mela (fair) which takes place at the festival of Holi. India's perception as a colourful country is well justified by this marvellous festival of colours. People visit each other during the day and apply colours at their faces and clothes. Here's some more reading about the festival - Holi - W…

Manukau Heads Lighthouse - Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It has an uncanny distinction of being one of the very few cities in the world having harbours on two large oceans, namely Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean. These two oceans are divided by the Auckland isthmus. The central part of the Auckland city is situated on this isthmus and is called ‘Tāmaki-makau-rau’ in Maori language. Given this amazing geographic location of the city, one is never too far from the water. The same is reflected in the rich maritime history of the city and the country as a whole. The two major harbours in Auckland are Manukau harbour on the Tasman Sea which is on the western side of the city and the Waitemata harbour on the Pacific Ocean to the north eastern side of the city. No wonder there has been a lot of maritime traffic connecting New Zealand shores to the rest of the world for the past two centuries. This demanded construction of many lighthouses across the country to assist the incoming vessels dock safely into t…

Sydney Diaries - Parramatta River Ferry Cruise

The New Year’s Day is a holiday in Australia and New Zealand. After watching “once in a lifetime” awesome fireworks at the Sydney Harbour, it was time to relax and wake up late in the morning. Moreover being a public holiday in Australia, it was even more obvious to chill out. On waking up and seeing a perfect cloudless summer day, we thought that we should make the most out of it and explore the Sydney Harbour. Sydney’s famous natural harbour is one of the deepest in the world. Right from its main tributary – Parramatta River to Sydney Heads, it measures almost 30 kilometres. The suburban area of Parramatta is aptly named after the river. Being densely populated Sydney has a lot of public ferry services covering almost every part of its harbour. Some plush suburbs have marinas where people park their yachts. One of the ferry services on the network is Parramatta River Ferry. It runs from Parramatta Wharf to Circular Quay in the city and is the longest duration ferry service in Sydne…