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Christmas Season in Wellington

The Christmas season is here.
One can easily sense the festivity in the air, people decorating their houses, shoppers galore and what not.
Many look forward to the holiday season travels, meeting families and folks over the relaxing holiday.
Still there are quite a few who are indifferent to the whole festivity and don’t care much about it.
May be because of getting bored of doing it every year or any other reason.

I do enjoy the festivity and the hustle and bustle associated with it.
It reminds me of the festive season in India.
Although I'm not a big crowd lover, once in a while is enjoyable.
That is what happens when Christmas is near.

This weekend we came to know about such a place in wellington.
It is big house which is decorated by the lady owner every year for Christmas.
Over the years it has become so popular that searching for the address (27 Hathaway Avenue, Lower Hutt) on Google turns up a lot of pictures and videos of the place.
It is popularly known as Hutt Christmas Lights.

When we planned to go there I assumed that it would be only the kids who would enjoy that kind of a place.
We reached there at around 9 pm while there was twilight.
The street parking spaces were almost full and that made me realise the popularity of the place.
As we got out and walked to the place, I saw a lot of beautiful houses.
Some of them had been decorated with one or the other Christmas artefact inside or outside.

We reached the entry of the house and I was instantly fascinated by the decoration that had been done in this house.
We took an entry ticket which cost $2 and walked inside.
It was as if I had stepped into a whole different world altogether.
A big garden decorated with the different Christmas themed objects like reindeers, Santa puppets, a small hut, elves etc.
We looked inside the house and it was ornately decorated.
I was stunned to see the level of detail the decoration bore.

There were puppets on the dinner table, a moving Santa puppet in one of the windows and a lot of such things.
Kids were having a great time there playing amidst the different lights and artefacts.
I thought the best way of capturing it would be via pictures.
So I clicked a lot of them.
Here are a few of them.

It was a nice experience altogether.
I had always perceived that Christmas is a huge festival here; after seeing this house, I realised the extent of it.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. :)

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