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India in Wellington

This is the best title I can think of while writing this post here. Since I had learned that my friends live in Wellington a street named Nalanda Crescent I had been planning a walking trip to their place from the city where I am staying these days.
Route followed.
Finally on August 24 the weather permitted a walk and I grabbed the opportunity. I started at around 10 AM and reached there at around 12 PM. The route is not that long but the steep climb at some places makes it a bit difficult. Moreover I was clicking pictures wherever I could get a chance to do so. It did slow me down to some extent.
Panorama of Wellington harbour from Amritsar street.

Since I had arrived in Wellington 3 years ago, this suburb named Khandallah had always rung a bell in my ears. It was only after such a long time that I got a chance to walk down the streets and have a closer look. This area has some of the most beautiful houses in Wellington The beauty is magnified by the astonishing sea views offered by the area.
While walking I came across very typical Indian subcontinent street names e.g. Amritsar street, Jaunpur crescent, Rajkot terrace, Sita way, Burma road etc. Quoting wikipedia on the history of this place:-
"The suburb's name, which means "Resting place of God", comes from a homestead built in the area in 1884 by Captain James Andrew, who had recently returned from duty in India. For this reason the suburb and those surrounding it have many place names connected with the Indian subcontinent."

Here are some pictures which I managed to click.

There are so many other Indian subcontinent street names in this area which I could not manage to walk past and click. One can see them on searching for Khandallah, Wellington  in google maps and then zooming in on the streets. Interesting!!!

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