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Taking The Stairs

It might be intriguing that my blog has a new post almost after 9 months and that too on such an unexpected topic.

I am in Wellington for some time and have been experiencing the notorious earthquakes. The August 16 earthquake was measured 6.6 on the richter magnitude scale. We were in the office building on fifth floor and suddenly everything started shaking. We quickly followed the well publicised drill "drop, cover, hold" and hid ourselves under our tables.

The moment shakes stopped we took a sigh of relief and rushed out of the building. No one was hurt and there was no damage to our office premises. I believe the thing which saved us was the fact that the epicentre of the earthquake was far away from Wellington.
Wellington City as seen from Khandallah
Life is back to normal again and we are now demonstrating hope and resilience which can be termed as some of the best human qualities. :)

Since then I have shown even more regularity in taking the stairs to move up and down the building. Earlier I used to be lazy and would wait for the lifts. But not any more. It may be called a bit of paranoia. I think its better to be in a staircase rather than a lift when an earthquake strikes.

In the present day, most of us work in high rise office spaces. Most of us take the lifts to our respective floors. Some times we become so lazy that we just can't do without lifts even it is a single floor.

Today while seeing many people wait for the lifts, I had my creative juices flowing and wrote a piece on taking the stairs. I am very happy to have written for the first time, a composition which can be called a poem. I showed it to my intranet news website editor and she smiled after reading this. Later she told me that this would be published on the company intranet news homepage. So I guess that's an achievement.

Here is what I have written.

Taking The Stairs
For the first time when I saw the tall staircase,
I thought who would climb it and win a race.
I used to see a few people on stairs,
I used to think ‘who cares’.
I always took the lift,
And cherished it like a gift.
Now as I have seen the earth shake,
I wonder how much difference does it make.
Now it’s time to stop being lazy,
Even if people call me paranoid and crazy.
I have now been taking the stairs,
I still think ‘who cares’.
Earlier I was a bit ignorant,
Now I have stopped ‘lift-not-coming-quickly’ rant.
I have felt myself to be more fit,
My heaving has also calmed down a bit.
So my fellow people let’s make a difference,
By taking the stairs to any meeting or conference.

I hope to write more frequently in future. :)

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