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BangaloreD for the first time (part 2)

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The next morning, I found the weather very pleasant there, as I had always heard. In fact, the other thing which totally surprised me was a coconut tree in the courtyard of the house. I had seen a coconut tree first time in my life and was overjoyed like a child. It had some 5-6 coconuts on it too.

On getting ready we had breakfast and set out to roam around in the city. Sandeep and yogi were equally enthusiastic to show me the city and their usual hangouts there. I had a look at the surroundings and was instantly amazed by the greenery and the pleasant weather. The noon was a bit sweaty however it was far better than the chilly winters of Delhi.

First of all, we went to Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum. It has different exhibition halls namely Engine Hall, Electrotechinc, Fun Science, Space Technology and much more. I was very amused to see the working models of each and every theory in Physics, Engines, and Science etc which we used to study till standard 12 and had to just visualize everything because of lack of such resources.

Being somewhat of a science geek, I was so involved in the halls and all the models that I forgot that there were two other people with me. I believe they also were laughing at me on seeing my child like enthusiasm in that museum. We clicked some awesome pictures in the fun science hall and saw some extremely amazing experimental setups kept there. It was a very good experience to see the abstract things which one has studied only in books, come alive. I thought, some day I’d definitely bring my kids to show them those things which may be obsolete for them.

After the museum, we went to the famous MG road there. Yogi had brought for us black kiwi T-shirts with a big white colored fern (the symbol of New Zealand) printed in front. We were wearing that T-shirt which was a big head turner for the local people there. Maybe they were thinking of us as 3 idiots. We roamed on the MG road and saw the famous M Chinnaswamy stadium which was quite nearby. Also, I was amazed to learn that there was a circle named Anil Kumble Circle.

We went to the even more famous Brigade road :D, which may be seen as the Rajpur Road in Dehradun or may be the Mall Road in Shimla. I had started feeling a bit tired after hours of roaming and walking. We sat in a nearby Café Coffee Day outlet and had long chats about anything and everything. In the meantime, yogi was recording the moments on his handy cam which I thought to be a total show off.

In the evening, we had a small peek around in the Garuda Mall, had some snacks and then went back to home. I had a serious chat with aunty (yogi’s mom) about his marriage and future prospects. Sandeep’s roommate and our classmate Aman had come back from office by that time so we all had a good chat about the college and old days.

The next day I called Pallavi (my fellow moderator on the forums) and asked her to plan a meet with Bangalore PG junta. She obliged and we decided to meet the legendary Prem anna (another fellow moderator). There I also met Sarang Tatimatla. We had a great time and I had a special Kerala Thali for lunch. I liked the cuisine and enjoyed it a lot. After lunch, Pallavi dropped me near my home. On reaching back I slept for some time.

In the evening, we were again ready to go and we went to the Forum Mall nearby. After some time and some video recording by Yogi, we came back home at night and had dinner. I called my other friends in Bangalore and they also came to meet me. We had a great time there.

The next day we all decided to watch 3 idiots which had released on the Christmas weekend and had generated rave reviews. Sandeep had booked the tickets online and we reached the PVR cinema in Forum Mall, in time for the booked morning show. To our disappointment, all the shows had been canceled because of the death of Dr. Vishnuvardhan, the famous Kannada film actor. All the cinema halls in the city were closed because of that and we had to take the ticket refund.

We had some photo clicking and shopping in the very mall and came back home before noon. In the evening, we decided to go to MG road. After some shopping and bird watching, we sat for a coffee and finally went back home. There we had a brainstorming session on where to go for the New Year’s party. The trouble was that we were 3 singles and all the famous clubs there had couple entry. This issue indeed required some deep strategising and planning :).

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