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Mukteshwar Trek (part 1)

Is it a wallpaper downloaded from the Internet...?

It's quite likely for anyone reading this post to ask the above question... let me answer it...
no...I have clicked it...
the same question surfaced in my mind when I saw this breathtaking cascade at Mukteshwar...
On reaching this place, I felt a sense of achievement after having trekked more than 5 kilometres for the same...

The story started one boring day in office when some colleagues suggested having a team outing for the weekend. As usual, no consensus could be made upon the destination. Then our daredevil colleague Amit came up with an idea to have a trek to Mukteshwar. First of all, people confused the place with a nearby place Garh Mukteshwar (bearing the same name). Then after clearing the air about the original place, we started planning for the trip (it seems that it all happened in 5-6 minutes, but in situ, it took good 7-8 days to chalk out the whole plan).

Afterwards, I learned that the place is near Nainital and above all, I have never been there before. So I nominated me very keenly for the same. Around 17-18 people from our team itself nominated. After some coordination with the organisers and concerned agencies, July 26 and 27 were finalised for the same. We planned to start from Noida on July 25 in a hired private bus. I was very happy about the fact that I'd get to see a new place which is quite famous too. Finally, the day came and we were ready.

But as usual, nothing goes smoothly as planned. An issue emerged and threatened my trip. I was depressed, with dilemma ruling my mind- whether I'd be able to make it or not. But hats off to my colleagues and manager, I was given the good news that I could go (in the worst case my manager would have also stayed back with me). Keeping the spirits high we decided to move, although 2 hours late but better late than never.

Continued here :- Mukteshwar Trek (part 2)

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